Mhairi Laughland

Leslie Corporate Finance

Leslie Corporate Finance 

Leslie Corporate Finance is a finance and consultancy business founded by David Leslie.

LCF were looking for assistance in the development of their brand. Inspired by iconic finance and banking brands, the new logo alludes to the professionalism of the services they offer whilst combining a more modern look and feel. This contemporary aesthetic is a nod to the modern approach and personable nature of David Leslie's services within the industry. 

I wanted a new and fresh design to coincide with the business launch. Mhairi listened carefully, and produced a brand image which was exactly what I needed. So it was a really positive , innovative and enjoyable experience and I would highly commend her if you’re looking for good ideas and up to date and cutting edge design.
— David Leslie, Chairman and Founder

Many of the alternative logos drafted until the final designs were realised.


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