Mhairi Laughland



The Central Paradox of Love

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Typography brief: Identify related facts that show imbalance and interpret them in a manner that not only expresses but informs us of the imbalance.

Suggesting that something is imbalanced probably implies an intention to high- light an injustice or irregularity of some kind. Consider the agenda behind the decision to highlight the imbalance and how this might be effectively communicated to an audience of your choosing. Your facts can be drawn from any appropriate sources: newspapers, reports, debates, narratives, archives — but the source(s) must be cited correctly. We want you to support the argument with information/data. Consider ways that type/objects might be transformed to suggest the loss of balance. You may choose any format appropriate to your solution but you should consider outcomes that would be deemed feasible by publishers.

Deliverables in client presentation standard: Front/Back cover and spine, 3 DPS (minimum), an instore A3 poster to promote book and/or series, promotional item.

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